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Soft or Crispy Taco- choose one

Updated: Jun 8

(chicken, beef, or ground beef) Served with rice and beans



10 months ago

Gerrywachovsky Great Mex tacos are the best in terms of crunch, freshness, and ingredients used. The meat is succulent and the vegetables are crisp, and the salsa/pico de gallo is always top-notch. I love these tacos! 10 months ago Reggie My Daughter, Wife, and I love Great Mex, both the Balboa and Costa Mesa Newport Blvd locations. We had an assortment of Carne Asada, Carnitas & Chicken Crispy Tacos and they did not disappoint. over 1 year ago Nicole I love their Shrimp tacos over 1 year ago Dillon Crispy Shredded Beef Taco. The taco that started my love for Great Mex. Have been going for the past 7 years since first having this taco and have loved every visit, especially when Veronique is in there. Need to try this and the shrimp taco along with their cheap pitchers of draft beer on Taco Tuesday or Taco Friday. TACOS! about 2 years ago Charliejandri Amazing tacos! the tacos are really juicy and have really good flavor and the workers are so nice and kind and truly care for their customers! I go to Great Mex all the time and it is one of my and many others' favorite restaurants truly amazing and I love my Great Mex friends! over 2 years ago Yorkmikaela I always come in for soft ground beef tacos here bc they're one of the only places that do flour tortillas for tacos!! I love their food. I've also had tamales and enchiladas from there; just as delicious. Busy sometimes but the employees are always friendly. over 2 years ago Garciadesiree07 I've gone there a couple of times for their Taco Tuesdays. Now, let me just say, I'm EXTREMELY picky when it comes to Mexican food and more specifically tacos. Their crispy tacos are the best and I would also highly recommend the soft tacos. Get a few plus their $1.50 beer and you are good to go! over 2 years ago Maggie This place is life. I cannot live without their crispy chicken tacos. I live in Santa Ana and I drive all the way to Costa Mesa just to get my tacos. Every time my husband asked what I want for dinner, lunch, or breakfast he already knows my answer. Crispy chicken tacos from Great Mex, Costa Mesa. I used to work at Money Mart on Mesa Verde and this is how I find out about this place then I share it with all my families now they are over there every weekend. I hope you will extend your restaurant to Santa Ana or Tustin because everybody will love it. If I love your food so will others. Thank you for making the best Mexican food ever. I tasted some of your food but tacos are my favorite!

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