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Shrimp or Fish Taco

Updated: Jun 8

(grilled or fried)



over a year ago

Hmmhjr So yummy and the location is great!! I love everything I've ever gotten here. The people are friendly and have a beer with breakfast! Why not? over 1 year ago Pazandrea9407 For sure the best shrimp tacos in town along with the California burrito! Super authentic =) almost 2 years ago Michelle I am a bit of a shrimp taco snob and I am very particular about where I got to eat these... Great Mex is one of these places. They are the perfect size with just the right amount of flavor!! And the sauce... how could you forget about the sauce?!?! If you are a shrimp taco fan then this is the spot that you have been waiting your whole life for! almost 2 years ago Hollywalblay We ordered from here for Cinco de Mayo and I will definitely be ordering again. The soft Shrimp Tacos were to die for! Everything was so fresh and the cabbage and sauce made the taco so juicy. Portions were filling and rice and beans were on point. I highly recommend it! My only negative was that we ordered for an office and all the tacos were just packed into one container. No bueno. No one wants people touching all over their food (especially during a pandemic) and trying to figure out who ordered a steak or chicken taco. Other than that, it was delicious. almost 2 years ago Dhildret I have fallen in love with the shrimp tacos! The shrimp are grilled to perfection. The slaw topping is fresh and complements the crunch of the grilled shrimp. But for me, the sauce makes it all come together. I think I could just drink the sauce it's that good. I add a little squeeze of lime and then I enter taste bud heaven. Well done Great Mex Grill! about 2 years ago Julimartin322 I LOVE the shrimp tacos! Every time I have a friend visit me in Newport Beach I bring them to Great Mex. Amazing food, amazing location by the beach! about 2 years ago Micaeladecardenas I absolutely love the shrimp 🍤 tacos at Great Mex!!!! The grilled shrimp, spicy sauce, and cabbage are the perfect combos. Best shrimp tacos in the world. about 2 years ago Dillon One of the best tacos I have ever had. The Baja sauce and shrimps are so good. Go on Taco Tuesday and Taco Friday and load up with every taco there is. Make sure you get the crispy shredded beef too. Enjoy with cheap beer and the best company (servers and Billy Joe Armstrong). Shoutout to Veronique! over 2 years ago Cag763 These are, by far, the best shrimp tacos for the price. Plenty of shrimp and great flavor. Our go-to spot for amazing, inexpensive Mexican food. over 2 years ago Kimelliottdq Super delicious grilled fish tacos.! Good size portions. This is my new favorite place to eat. over 2 years ago Ronanco Great flavor & a kick to it. Must order every time we eat there! All the food is good with great quick service! Best value for the money!!

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