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Shrimp Cocktail

Updated: Jun 29



over 1 year ago

Larissa This generous portion size is so amazingly chock full of delicious shrimp, in a broth that is so fresh, refreshing and perfectly flavorful without being too spicy! This is one of my favorite dishes to get here, and we love everything we've gotten here so far! My family thinks their beans are hands down the best out of every local Mexican restaurant, and I agree!

almost 2 years ago James I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND this place! Food is Great! Fantastic atmosphere! You should try it. Give it a try!! Price is reasonable.

almost 2 years ago Sofiaacuna121 I have lived in the neighborhood for 15 years & this location has ALWAYS been my go-to! I would suggest it to anybody! Amazing food and never anything less! Amazing presentation & fantastic customer service/hospitality!!! I will forever recommend you guys to family, friends, and anybody I come across! Thank you, Great Mex! ❤️

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