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Shrimp Burrito

Grilled shrimp, white and red cabbage, cotija cheese, chipotle sauce, pico de gallo, side of sour cream, and guacamole

Make"enchilada style" & add a side of rice and beans

7 months ago

Amylinmartinez Best thing I have ever tried. My guilty pleasure since I moved to LB 5 years ago. From forming to walking to this place every day to now that I graduated. I only commute for this or go for this dish if I come from Ontario now that I moved. The fact that their shrimp tastes like it's wild-caught to its size and the freshness of the veggies is my favorite! 9 months ago Jmurrays Your best for Mexican! about 1 year ago Vlat191 I love this burrito. Hole Mole has a great shrimp burrito, but I like Great Mex's better. It has a lighter fresher taste. over 1 year ago Jordialbany Great Mex is THE best!! From the potato tacos to the shrimp burrito, I have loved this place for years! Do yourself a favor and try it - and the cinnamon chips are great for dessert! over 1 year ago Yellowtron3 Quality and delicious food, we have never had a bad meal at Great Mex. When we visit we always look forward to the tacos, shrimp burritos, and breakfast. Churros are really good too. Great value and an excellent place to get filled up. I highly recommend this place. about 2 years ago Silvabrostradingco We discovered GM on one of our many trips to Balboa. The shrimp burrito is our go-to. The shrimp are perfectly cooked but it's the sauce that makes it. We make the 45-minute drive just to get one. about 2 years ago Mark Simply is the best!!

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