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Mexican Tacos

Updated: Jun 8

Chicken, carne asada, carnitas, ground beef, or al pastor—in a corn tortilla with onions and cilantro



3 months ago

Marsi Best ticks for the price over 1 year ago Larry great tacos and salad almost 2 years ago Atempdomain These are the most delicious tacos ever! They're perfect little street tacos and taste like home. My favorite one is the carnitas but I love them all! about 2 years ago Monetalysha I like to come on taco Tuesday, or Friday. the tacos are tasty and really economical. A good meal for a good price. over 2 years ago William My staff and I from CSULB always come here. I have been in love with this place for years and always stop in for basically anything on the menu. Well, I stopped by there last night. Man if you have not been there you are missing out. The interior is clean & has a good vibe with a modern theme. The seating is roomy & there is an outdoor area. The chips are good and the salsa is great! Homemade salsa definitely. The meat in tacos is flavored perfectly & super tender. The tortilla soup has way too much chicken as this can be a meal in itself! The soup has potatoes, carrots, tons of good chicken, and Monterey Jack cheese and the broth is excellent with a hint of cumin. The Mexican rice is cooked & flavored perfectly. Rice is fluffy & perfectly cooked, with just enough tomato sauce and the perfect amount of cumin & caldo de pollo. Good texture, pork tastes good and good balance of masa vs meat. I had the tomatillo sauce, I know my Mexican food and this place is legit! I will definitely be back to try many other items on the menu, especially the shrimp & ceviche cocktail. Go Lakers! over 2 years ago Avamonroze Great Mex Grill is my favorite place to get crunchy tacos, my personal favorite - is chicken. By far the best Mexican restaurant in OC for Taco Tuesday. almost 3 years ago Icybri03 If you haven't been to Great Mex for the tacos you should. I'm here almost every Friday for their carnitas tacos. Seriously some of the best I've ever had. If you are worried they won't taste authentic because they have multiple locations don't worry they are!

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