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Updated: Jun 8

(Grilled chicken or steak)



8 months ago

Rv Such good food for a small place over 1 year ago Pampallares I ordered the Chicken Fajitas for the first time and was surprised at how delicious it was. The chicken was tender, moist and perfectly seasoned. Most places serve dry and tasteless chicken and sadly I guess I'm used to it. The beans and rice were perfect as usual. Restaurant guacamole never tastes good to me, so I rarely eat it, but today I finished it all! The grilled onions and bell peppers were perfect as well. My go-to's are the shrimp bowl, Beef hard shell tacos, and fish ceviche, but I will be adding their fajitas to the rotation. Lastly, I know they have to pre-pack them to go salsa due to regulations, but I hope they always do this. It's easier and cleaner for all. over 1 year ago Lnbarnhart2 My friends and I love Great Mex! Every item we've had is delicious, and we came every Tuesday and Friday for tacos and margaritas during the school year. Great Mex is our favorite place! over 2 years ago Kkthinkpink15 Great Mex is the best Mexican food on the Peninsula! I take all of my visitors there. I love the Fajitas and their chips and guac are great!

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