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Carne Asada Plate

Updated: Jun 8



8 months ago

Analilly1 The most incredible taste, this carne asada plate is unbelievable good! One of my favorites in the menu!! But really, I like almost everything in the menu except for those dishes that I am allergic to. about 1 year ago Dacano77 Favorite local Mexican spot! We come here almost every Tuesday for tacos too! over 1 year ago Skysdalimit Consistently good quality meat. Never disappoints! over 2 years ago William My staff and I from CSULB always come here. I have been in love with this place for years and always stop in for basically anything on the menu. Well, I stopped by there last night. Man if you have not been there you are missing out. The interior is clean & has a good vibe with a modern theme. Seating is roomy & there is an outdoor area. The chips are good and the salsa is great! Homemade salsa definitely. The meat in tacos is flavored perfectly & super tender. The tortilla soup has way too much chicken as this can be a meal in its self ! The soup has potatoes, carrots, tons of good chicken, Monterey Jack cheese and the broth is excellent with a hint of cumin. The Mexican rice is cooked & flavored perfectly. Rice is fluffy & perfectly cooked, just enough tomato sauce and the perfect amount of cumin & caldo de pollo. Good texture, pork taste good and good balance of masa vs meat. I had the tomatillo sauce, I don't like the Tex-Mex chili con carne. I know my Mexican food and this place is legit! I will definitely be back to try many other items on the menu, especially the shrimp & ceviche cocktail. Go Lakers!

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